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Goan Entertainment

Entertainment forms an integral part of the goan lifestyle. I'm sure you will agree with me when I say, Getting entertained is relatively easier then entertaining . You gain the ability to feel a certain emotion without actually taking part in the act itself , but by merely watching and observing. But in Goa you get to actually partake in the entertaining process. This site will give you a peek into the different ways by which ,while out and about in Goa you can have fun at it all comes at not a very high price.

It may be wrong for me to make a bold statement that, Goa might have been created for the sole purpose of entertainment , but I will take the liberty of saying so , for once in goa its hard to keep yourself from being amused on an ongoing basis.

Take for example the idea of crashing in on a beach party and at once having the liberty to free your mind and let your hair down without having to worry about the organising . For that matter how about theme nights where you find yourself surrounded by fun loving people who just want to find a reason to party. Not forgetting the nightclubs which house good music and are home to some of the best DJ's Goa has to offer , not forgetting the offshore casino 'The Caravela'.

Rave Music - Trance Music In Goa

There is another important feature that is characterized with Goa and that is the Trance music which originated in Goa during the late 1980's and early 1990's and reached its highs in 1994 till 1998. If one does a search on Goa, along with the many sites that give you and insight into the Goan heritage and culture and also furnish tourist with the much needed information on the state of Goa which could indeed tell you what you can plan on being part of by knowing a little about it even before you get there, you will also be flooded with results for Goa Trance. Goa Trance is essentially dance trance , its original goal being to help dancers attain a collective state of bodily transcendence through hypnotic rhythms and pulsating melodies, thus this form of Music could be many a times seen as being unconventional and some what mind boggling. Music does transcend cultures and religions and this can be noticed by the different kinds of people from various walks of life who find these Goan trance parties fascinating and thus can't help be part of it.

Beach parties are also what attract the young and old to Goa .Think of the word Beach Party in you mind and see where your mind takes you. Goa is famed for its natural beauty, and what other venue can be the most perfect to party. That's when holiday makers wake up to the idea of dancing in the sands to the very latest of dance music and thus truly help you to just let your hair down and have a time of your life in natural ,beautiful surroundings .It is at these parties that , one not need talk but dance and make acquaintances , its like a meeting and mingling place for different kinds of people. Enjoyment becomes a reality and this breathes the feeling of togetherness and oneness with people and nature, and seizes to be a dream. All this and so much more, and where else ,other then in 'Goa'.

The Carvela

The 'Caravela' is the first offshore only legalised casino in India and is brought to you by a joint venture between Advani Hotel Resorts (India) and Casinos Austria , which is called the Advani Pleasure Cruise Company Limited .It can be located offshore Panaji and is anchored in the river Mandovi. It allows you to play to your hearts content at the hands of dealers who are specially trained to conduct gaming sessions under internationally accepted gaming sessions .There is a lot of entertainment on the upper deck and so also Reel and Poker slot machines .This boat is 215 feet long has a facilities like personal lockers, rooms ,suites, open air swimming pool (seasonal), air conditioned multi-cuisine buffet restarant, toddlers room with trained baby sitter and so also 18 years below TV/Video game room. That's a glimpse at all that the 'Caravela' has to offer.

Goa Cruises

You can also cruise along the rivers with the different cruises , There are number of cruises for you to choose from - daytime, sunset and moonlight. Day cruises is of two types - the first one is down the Mandovi river into the Zuari bay while the second one is up the Mandovi to Aldona and a mineral water spring. While on your sail across the river Mandovi you can view beautiful greenery. The cruise like Santa Monica which runs in the evening over the River Mandovi provides live music , so also folk dance to visitors for entertainment. The cruise also serves some of the best available cocktails and mock tails. Sun Down Cruises are of a one hour duration which is full of fun and entertainment. Professional troupes performtracitional dances such as the Dekni Temple Dance, the Fugdi Dance and the Corredinho Dance.While on a river cruise you can view some grand historical architectural building like Reis Magos Church, the Reis Magos Fort, the Aguada Fort and the Cabo Raj Bhavan . Full Moon Cruise is cruise which offers you a longer period of time. You can get an opportunity to sail across the River Mandovi and enjoy a night amidst the waters and have a romantic night with the moon lighting up the river .Goa also offers you some luxurious Sea cruises. The Super Star Libra is more of a luxury resort, complete with restaurant & bars as well as sports, and massage parlor and fitness centre. On board you have a choice of luxurious Executive Suites, Junior Suites and Ocean view States room Suite.One can board this Sea Cruise from Mumbai.It either heads straight to Goa or visits Kadmat Island and Kochi and then proceeds to Goa. Thes Cruises help you enjoy good food and music , thus allowing you to be out at sea but feel very much at home with nature and needless to say that serene waters are also therapeutic.

Goa Wildlife Sanctuaries

There is something for everyone , even for animal lovers, Goa has a few wild life sanctuaries and National Parks. Some of them being Bondla wild life sanctuary which is approximately 8 sq km, Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Chora Island which is about 1.78 sq km, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary -86sq km, The Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary at Mollem (133 sq km) , The Mollem national park at Mollem (107 square km) and a few more. These National parks and wild life sanctuaries are places which help preserve Goa's flora and fauna.

Lets tell you a little bit more about these Wild life sanctuaries . Goa very lush and green , but with the beauty of it being mainly inhabitated by tress and more greenery comes the thought of exploiting these lands to generate income , and so these sanctuaries provide the safe haven for the wild life whose very existence can be threatened by the idea of deforestation and of course in the long run extinction to many of the wild life species.

Lets talk a little bit more in detail about the Bondla Wild Life Sanctuary . This Sanctuary provides the perfect spot for School excursions and thus is a hot spot for children as well as animal lovers and tourists. Its Botanical and rose gardens attract visitors throughout the year. The jungle resort also comes with many facilities that makes the stay of tourists comfortable as well as delightful, imagine waking up to the chirping of birds and seeing wildlife undisturbed and thriving in its natural habitat.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Canacona taluka (or South Goa district) It is a great tourist attraction.This sanctuary supports diverse life forms. It is known for its animal and plant biodiversity, and is home specially to reptiles.The best time to visit the sanctuary is from the month of October to December.If you fancy a walk through the forest you can catch a glimpse of the un spoilt ghat scenery.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is located at the western tip of the Chorao Island along the river Mandovi near Panaji.. This Bird sanctuary is home to mangrove species , so also a variety of local as well as migratory birds can be found here. The watch-tower that stands inside the Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary proves ideal for bird watchers. Apart from birds, flying foxes, jackals and crocodiles are also found in the sanctuary.

The Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, is the biggest amongst the other sanctuaries in Goa, and is the right place for bird watchers . This Sanctuary is located in the Goan town of Mollem and contains within it The Molem National Park. The sanctuary is particularly known for its Elephants , Leopards, Deers and Indian Bison. Among the other animals that are sheltered in the sanctuary we also have the Gaur, Sambar, Slender Toris, Jungle Cats, Malayan Giant Squirrels, Pythons and Cobras. That was a little for the animal lovers.

Kala Academy

With every state comes its unique art and culture and thus in Goa we have the Kala Academy which was established in the year 1969 .The Kala Academy is situated in the capital of Goa ,Panaji and promotes the art and culture of Goa. The folk dances are taught. You can also enjoy the shows that are conducted and thus get a taste of the true Goan culture.There are a lot of festivals that are held the year round in the Kala Academy .Some such festivals are the Marathi Drama Festival, State art Festival, Bhajan Competion, Tiatr Festival, Konkani Festival and so forth.It was built in the 70's by architect Charles Correa and was only recently refurbished for the International Film Festival of India in the year 2004.The Kala Academy, is also a venue for book exhibitions, commercial sales, and who can forget that the IIIFI was hosted here in the year 2004 where international stars payed a visit to this plush institute.

Time will always be short for there is a lot to do but hey, don't fret nor do you sweat for we hope to see you once again back in Goa, and thus perhaps find more to do and more reasons for yet another visit to Goa, beautiful Goa.