sunny day on goa beach

Goa Weather And Climatic Conditions

Goa is praised for its sun and sand and is where you want to go if you want to get a nice healthy tint to your skin. It lies between  Latitude : 28° 38' N and Longitude : 72° 12' E. The weather in Goa is predominantly hot and breezy. It does however cool off during the months of November and can stay relatively pleasant till the month of February. There are three sides to its weather , we have the Wet, Warm and Cool seasons. The summer months where you could treat yourself to a bit of tanning and get that healthy glow to your skin, you could do so in the months of April till the onset of the monsoon season which begins in the month of June till about October , these are called the retreating monsoons and are characterized by thunder storms which could be seen as a sign for sunny , cooler days. The months from November onwards are much awaited and definitely welcomed by the people of Goa as it is the season to cool off and is a bit of a respite from all the hot and wet days.

Monsoon Season

The main feature of the climate is the monsoon season .The monsoon season  is between the months of June till the end of September  and beginning of October. During these months Goa enjoys 250cm to 300cm of rainfall. An important point to be kept in mind , for those who want to make hay while the sun still shines that is if you plan on visiting Goa in the months preceding the onset of the monsoon season , be prepared to put up with an increase in the level of humidity.

Remember , the weather does command your choice of attire, so don’t forget to carry a lot of clothes that keep you cool. Cotton is recommended and if you find yourself trying to google some stores to buy that stuff , don’t worry, you can find all you need in Goa. Its relatively cheaper to purchase clothes in Goa and it is of high quality. You can find all this in the bazaars and flea markets. Some of these flea markets are along the beach area. So be prepared to shop till you can literally drop and do all this on the sands of the beautiful beaches of Goa.

Goa's changing climate

The weather in Goa has definitely changed during the last 10 or 15 years. You could say the winters are no longer that chilly which has probably a lot to do with global warming. So also the once upon a time green , lush Goa is not so very green and one who has been there before can probably tell from the aerial view that you are treated to even before you set foot on the red, fertile soils of Goa.