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Everyone talks about travelling to Goa , and well when they do so are at once pondering over the idea of getting there by Road, by Air, by Railroad or by water.

I must say for international travellers who are flying straight from their home towns to Goa it would mean that Air travel would be probably the only way you could get to Goa. We have many flights , national and international , operated from the Goa Airport at Dabolim which operate to and from Goa , but for travellers from within India or neighbouring India , they could travel by Railway and thus also enjoy a bit of scenery on your trip through India on your journey to Goa. The Konkan railway has trains which take passengers to and fro from Mumbai to Goa and back.

By road is another way through which you could get to Goa. Goa is connected to all the major towns in India through the national highways which are in excellent condition, these are NH4A,NH17 and NH17A.Most buses arrive in Goa in the early hours of the morning and depart in the afternoon as well as early evening.This bumpy ride to Goa is fun, thrilling and enjoyable.

You could also get to Goa by sea, and this is possible since the service by Samlink started in Dec 2004.It departs at around 9am and arrives at around 6:30 pm.That was a little on how to get to Goa, but in the column below is some information on how you could  go around in Goa and thus not be dependant on a tourist guide.

Getting Around In Goa

Goa is divided in to the North and South, and is well connected by its well maintained roads and bridges. In Goa you can avail of different modes of transport, which are, Bus, Taxi, Rickshaw’s  and so also a two wheeler (motor bike) which you can go around on with a male riding it, which is called ,Pilot. If you fancy a ride on the waters where you pay not much at all and get a lot of value for it , as while you are on a ferrie you can feast your eyes on beautiful sceneries and green hills .


Getting around in Goa is a fairly easy task as you can avail of the most popular means of transport , that is Bus service. Buses are operated by private operators and so also by the state road transport corporation. It is also a relatively cheaper means of transport, and you could use this as an opportunity to have a chat with a fellow Goan sitting beside you.


Another way to get around while in Goa is to travel by taxi. If you do want to do so you will be met by a very helpful and friendly taxi driver who would be happy to drive you to any part of Goa. Taxis are also ideal if you need to travel at your own pace and comfort and if money is not an issue you could have a taxi take you to any nook and corner of Goa.

Auto Rickshaws

These three wheelers are very convenient and relatively cheaper then availing of the taxi service, but remember if you do have good bargaining skills , here is when you should use it. These Auto Rickshaws are fast and comfortable to travel in.

Pilot - Motorbike taxi

These motorbike taxis are fun to be on and for those who fancy a thrill , weaving your way through the traffic and enjoying some sun , you could avail of this rare form of transport which is very popular and characterised with Goa.

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