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Shoppping In Goa

You can literally shop till you drop in Goa, well think about it , where else in the world can you get quality cotton , leather or for that matter silk clothing, bags, shoes and other accessories at a throw away price. Goa is one rare place, even though it is Indian , you will notice the locals of Goa dressing in western attire and of course a few  sections of the society do dress up in traditional Indian garb . But Goa is probably the only state in India where people dress to impress none other then themselves.

The people of Goa take pride in the way they dress and present themselves. So if you want to indulge in a bit of shopping you are definitely in the right place.

Shopping Tips In Goa

Given below are a few tips on what you can buy in Goa and all for a good price and excellent quality so good value for money:

  • Cotton fabric and attire
  • Silk fabric and attire
  • Leather bags and shoes
  • Ayurvedic products
  • Goan port wine
  • Goa Pork sausages
  • Traditional Goan sweets
  • Gold and Diamond jewellery
  • Beach wear
  • Handicrafts
  • Books
  • Spices
  • Teak and Rose wood furniture
  • Brass wear

Well the list could go on , but what’s left to discover if I give it all away, come to Goa and discover what more you can find and buy for cheaper the amount you would pay in any other part of the world. There are a few locations where you could get good deals but remember once you get to Goa , take your time don’t be in a haste to go shop, but look around , compare rates and then shop all you want. It is only natural to be taken by surprise with how reasonably priced items are , but if you look around a bit , you may find your self with an even better bargain and a thus a good buy.

Mapusa Market

Just to name a few locations where you could shop and get good deals are firstly the Mapusa market. The Mapusa market is the best place to find whatever you want and even better, if you are good at bargaining well this market is the place where you should do so. The bazaars and markets are huge and Mapusa is famous for its Friday market where you could purchase cotton clothes at throw away prices.

Another place to go and shop at is the Anjuna flea market. Wednesdays are busy at the Anjuna flea market and you could find various items to buy all at a reasonable price.Some of these items are beach wear, jewellery, souvenirs, trinkets, cushion covers, shawls, bags and handicrafts.

The deluxe hotels and resorts also have their own in-house shops , but you cant really bargain and the items usually have a fixed price.Another spot to shop at is the Arpora Saturday night Bazar.The atmosphere is full life and fun .This bazaar begins at 7pm and goes on till the early hours of the morning.You will find buyers and sellers with their stalls from all parts of the world.Artists perform on the stage and are very skilled and entertaining , they are a treat for music lovers and with food stalls set up all over , what more can you need.

18th June Road Panaji

In Panaji there are certain areas where shoppers should visit, 18 june road is the best area if you want to get a hold of some casual internationally branded , quality stores. For example, Levis, Bossini, Lacoste etc all have branches on this road . Some other shops which could be ideal to shop in are, Bombay Bazar, Raymond retail shop, Poshak,O Senor, Baron, Weekender,Bharne creations and more.Goa is definitely the ideal spot to shop to your hearts content, so come and discover a whole new meaning to the experience of shopping.