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Goan Culture & Diversity

Goa a former Portuguese colony is a dream holiday destination .Goan's are by nature friendly, helpful and accommodating. The culture in Goa is rich and diverse and has evolved over the past decades, it being influenced by the Hindu, Muslim and Portuguese rulers. The people of Goa belong to different faiths. Hindu's form a majority of the population, and then we have a sizeable population of people belonging to the Christian faith and so also quite a few Muslim's. Even though most of the population is comprised of people who belong to these three major faiths, we also have people who are practising Buddhist's and Sikh's. But in all this, all these people from different faiths and backgrounds live in harmony and peace with one another, each one taking part in the others festivals and thus displaying a feeling of respect and tolerance to the different faiths in Goa.

Former Portugese Colony

Goa being a colony of the Portuguese for 450 years has left behind a lot of their practices and culture, but an important aspect of their rule over goa is the fact that they have left behind their laws and civil codes which have become the very basis of the civil system of Goa.

Goan Siesta

Once in Goa , you can't help but notice that from about 1-3 or 4 pm in the evening most of the local businesses and stores shut down for an afternoon break. Goan's can't help but have their afternoon 'Siesta'. Retiring for a few hours in a day helps them recharge themselves and thus one can't help but realise that Goans are not necessarily money driven. They are fond of the good things in life and thus enjoy a relatively good standard of living.

Goan Carnival & Festivals

Another important feature of the state of Goa is that they celebrate the Indo-Latin festival Carnival and so also we have another festival that is mainly celebrated by the Hindus of Goa, known as Shigmo. The Carnival in Goa is always held before the Catholic season of Lent. It is at this carnival's that one can see a lot of the local folk dances and Konkani musical numbers being performed. An important aspect of the Carnival is the appearance of the King Momo which signifies the beginning of the festival

Goan Food & Recipies

While out and about in Goa, you will find a lot of bar cum restaurants which serve many of the Goan foods which are relatively easy to prepare but spicy and very tasty. The Goan cuisine is actually a blend of firstly the konkan, secondly Portuguese and of course the Bahamani Traditions. Goa is known for its Fish curry and rice, but one cant go to Goa and not have a taste of the famous chourisso which is actually pickled pigs meat in vinegar and tamarind, so also Goans are famous for their Vindalho , a spicy pork curry . Goans use toddy in their food which gives it , its distinct taste and flavour. Many curries use coconut sauces thus adding to the taste and richness of the food. Goans prepare another famous food item which is usually eaten with the much renowned Sorpotel(another pork dish) and that is 'Sanas' (rice and toddy cakes).

Goa also offers equally mouth watering vegetarian food which you can enjoy at some of the finest vegetarian restaurants, Vegetarian food lovers can find the best of North and South Indian vegetarian dishes which are very tempting and tasty