Tourism In Goa

Goa wasn’t hailed as being a haven for tourist overnight, it has been a gradual , slow but steady process and is now praised for its beautiful beaches, distinct culture and rich heritage , but there is much more to Goa then the beaches and historical monuments, it is most importantly the attitude that the people of Goa have towards tourists .Goan’s are friendly, large hearted and most importantly they are relaxed and live up their reputation of being ‘Susegad’ a term which means relaxed. It is indeed the ideal destination for holiday makers. Originally a hot spot for hippies in the 70’s and by the late 80’s was already a popular destination for tourists from all around the world.

Goa thrives on tourism , but the extent to which its beauty is to be exploited to generate income is a highly debatable topic. Tourism contributes significantly to the GDP of many developed and developing countries. Tourism creates jobs and gives the local people of Goa a means to earn their livelihood.

Tourist Season in Goa

The tourist season begins in the month of September and stretches right thru to the month of March. During these months you can find many chartered flights from different countries arriving at the Goa Airport. During these months the weather in Goa is pleasant and dry . Goa does receive her fair share of rain and this is after after a hot spell which lasts usually from April till the month of June.

Even  though Goa is hailed as a favourite tourists destination , what does this noun Tourism really mean? Well text books and dictionaries would define it as Travel for pleasure , Travel for business and Travel to obtain service. What is the single most important aspect of wanting to travel to Goa. If we ask tourists they would tell you , beautiful beaches, friendly people, quality service, good food, relaxed atmosphere, a lot of sunshine and of course shopping .

The beaches of Goa are beautiful , unspoilt and most importantly safe.Once in Goa, there are a number of towns and cities that you can visit and each town has its own fair number of historical monuments.

Some of the towns are listed here below :


Panaji is centrally located and is the capital of Goa . This city is beautiful and has well lit roads and many places to shop . It is also here in this place that you can see the secretariat of Goa which was formerly known as Adil Shah’s palace. If when out and about in Panaji , you find yourself getting the sudden urge to take a dip in the cool waters, not very far from Panaji we have the Miramar beach .Take a stroll along the Mandovi river and you can sight many cruises where you can end the day with much entertainment and good food aboard  these cruises.


Mapusa is much renowned for its colourful bazaars and market places.It is here in Mapusa that they have a famous Friday market, where you can buy almost anything and all for a good price. Mapusa is known for its famous schools and colleges like Saint Xaviers. There is also a beautiful church and hosts the Milagres feast.


It’s another important city of Goa and is very important commercially .It is known To be the place to buy Sausages . This city has the famous Jawaharlal stadium .Margao is renowned for its Portuguese style mansions and beautiful landscapes.


Vasco is named after the Portuguese explorer Vasco the Gama.It is just about 5km from Dabolim airport . Is is here that we have the Mormugao harbour. Vasco has the largest population of the whole of Goa. About 9 km from Vasco we have the Bogmalo beach .It has underwater currants and is therefore monitored by lifeguards. The people of Vasco are gifted musically and many of the English bands such as Lynx , Heaven’s Touch and Kollective Soul hail from this place.


Ponda lies about 28km south-east of Panaji and 17km morth-east of Margao. It is the Industrial centre of Goa.It is also the gateway to the wild life sanctuaries like Bondla and Mahavir and also the Dudhsagar waterfalls. There are many Hindu temples in Ponda .

That was a little bit about the cities and towns in Goa, but that’s just a glimpse at the cities  in Goa.There are so many beautiful villages in Goa which when driving around you Goa you may discover.These villages organise their own feasts and fairs and many a times you may discover that some of  villages are located not very far away from the popular beaches of Goa. Goa was, is and will always be an ideal destination for honeymooners , backpackers, historians and holiday makers. Imagine lounging at the beach and enjoying all that the little shack’s have to offer in food and drink. Tourists find this the perfect manner in which to unwind and of course soak up the sun.

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