travel safety in goa

Travelling Safely in Goa - Safety Advice

Goa is an ideal holiday destination for travelers and is safe ,but ofc ourse tourists should bear in mind that like any country with all its heritage and culture comes its own set of safety issues. Readers please don’t be alarmed with the advice you may get here, but its just a guidelines to the dos and donts in Goa.

Goa is known to be a tourist destination where holiday makers are welcomed and made to feel at home. It is proper for us to also exercise a little bit of caution as to who we want to associate with and trust. With drinks easily available comes the responsibility to be cautious and vigilant and not to put yourselves or others at risk. Even if you are offered drugs in Goa, bear in mind they are illegal and carry a high prison sentence.

Goan’s are in general friendly and helpful, but there is always an element of people who are trouble makers (generally from outside the state.) So be cautious. Its just a word of caution as there are all kinds of people in Goa due to its diversity, It not like all Goans are to be trusted just like any other people of any other country ,there are always the ones who we should not fear but be aware of.

Keeping Safe & Healthy in Goa

Now a few things to be kept in mind, carry insect repellants so you don’t get the mosquitoes  sucking on your blood.  A torch is essential when you are caught in the dark during a power failure or when trying to find you way back after a long walk . Most of the restaurants, hotels , resorts and guest houses have a back up facility (generator) to keep you very much in the light and avoid you from straying into the dark during a blackout, no pun intended and another point to be kept in mind , for those of you who are into gadgets and electrical appliances, the voltage in Goa is 220 volts alternating at 50 cycles per second. Visitors are advised to check you gadgets like dryer, chargers, shavers, electric toothbrushes etc to see if they are compatible with the voltage for it to be used without unnecessary damage. Voltage converters are available and hence can be used as and when required. It is advisable to keep a combination adapter that can be used for both round and flat pin plugs and these are also available in most electrical stores around Goa.

Sun Protection In Goa

It is also wise not to accept food and drink from strangers as we all know that prevention is better than cure. It is also advised to avoid walking around in dark , unlit areas. There have been reports of muggings and sexual assaults and one has to exercise caution while out in Goa. With the thought of getting a nice tan it is also the thought of getting sun burnt and  to avoid this its better to carry along sun tan lotion as well as sun protection lotions. A tip to avoid sun burn is, use sun protection lotion with the right amount of sun protection factor. With the popularity of getting a tanned look comes the huge range of sun tan lotions and sun protection lotions with different SPF’s . It does not always mean the higher the SPF the lower the chances of sun burn. A simple way of helping you choose the right SPF is as follows , try multiplying the time that you want to be out in the sun with the SPF factor and the answer would tell you as to how long you may get protection from sun burn , but this may vary depending  on the product and it is safer to consult a  pharmacists when buying such products or even better a dermatologist incase you want to be absolutely sure about how sun blocks work